Bargain flash Yongnuo YN-568

I’m always on the lookout for ways to get the most bang for the buck since many of my students are on a very tight budget.

I’m always helping them figure out ways to get a photo shot without buying unnecessary equipment.

Whether it is recommending they buy a bulk film loader and loading their own film, using a car’s sun shield as a reflector, or making their own beauty dish, I’m emphasizing this: the more they’re out there shooting, the faster they’ll progress and improve.

Figuring out workarounds is problem solving.

A good part of photography is just that, once you get past the basics of depth-of-field, exposure and basic lighting.

Nikon, Canon and other Speedlights or flash units are fancy and chockful of bells and whistles but they cost a lot.

That’s why I’ve been telling my students about Yongnuo.

This Chinese company which makes knock-offs flash units of Canon, Nikon and others appears to be very successful and the reviews they have been getting have been good.

I’ve had more than one person whom I recommended these Speedlights or battery operated flash units say they love it.

Their build may not be as good but the savings is so significant, it’s hard to quibble.

Their latest offering a flash yn-568 that has High Shutter Speed sync capability is $180, compared to Canon’s 580-EXII ($550) or Nikon’s SB910($550).

I did a quick search on youtube to see what kind of reviews were out there and found the following posted by snappypuppy.

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