Are we becoming too used to being on camera?

A visitor to Back to the Grind coffeehouse where I displayed my work a while back, captures a still image of my picture. That’s how folks interact with their surroundings it seems.

We reach for our cellphones whenever we are doing something we feel is important or significant to document it.

Is it our way of preserving something that we can later share?


I can remember a time when ladies would never be seen in public if they weren’t made up and  immaculately dressed.

A quick look on social media like Facebook will show that may no longer be the case.

Something changed.

Now folks recognize it’s all about the moment and there’s no time to check the mirror.

It wasn’t overnight but exactly when I can’t be sure.

Perhaps it’s simply because cameras are now everywhere.

There are no longer confined to ATMs, traffic intersections or interiors of banks.

More importantly, the signs that warn “Videotaping is in progress” are no longer posted.

So when I read about this latest development in Hungary, I was quite surprised.

If you live in Hungary and you love to photograph people, you may be breaking the law if you do so without first asking for permission.

The Guardian newspaper, has a more extensive background about this new law.

Enforcement is going to be a lot of fun.

The poor police will be so overworked especially today where every cellphone is also a camera and video camera.

Speaking of the police,  more and more police departments are videotaping their interactions with the public whether it’s a dashboard mounted camera or the type the officers wear.

I suppose those cameras are being used to remind the cops to behave professionally when out in public.

And if they can’t, who has access to the videos. Is the public allowed access to these?

I wonder if these cops captured in this videotaping incident involving the Kern County Sheriffs, would have shown more restraint had they known they were being watched “officially.”

They  should be used to being photographed yet for some reason, some of them object to this even when they’re out and about in clear view of the public.
Peter Phun Photography

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