Learn to use your speed light to improve your portraits

Miracle at Graber House 2015
Miracle Guillory, my model was lit by 2 Speedlites inside my small Octodome softbox and also another on fitted with a grid on the left of her. The small Octodome was on the right just out of camera frame.

It’s been a while since I led a small flash lighting workshop,  so I’ve scheduled one for Sat Oct 31,2015.

We’ll be using the auditorium on the 2nd floor at the city of Riverside’s Main library.

I’m planning to have 4 models, possibly more, but that would depend on the number of students that actually pay and show up.

If you live in Southern California and are interested in taking better portraits, there’s no better investment than taking a workshop to learn to light.

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Who  should take this workshop?

  • Folks who know to manipulate shutter speeds, aperture and ISO
  • Folks who bought their first external flash or speedlight
  • Folks who enjoy taking people pictures especially portraits
  • Folks curious about lighting but haven’t bought their external flash

What to bring if you are attending

  • Camera and owner’s manual
  • Speedlight and owner’s manual
  • Light stand if you own one
  • Speedlight trigger (radio or infra-red)  and owner’s manual

Sign up now. For more info on the small flash lighting workshop.

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