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The Locksmith–modern day boogie man

With layoffs dominating our lives, I remember vividly what it was like when I saw one particular tradesman pull up to the office building when I worked at the newspaper.

He struck fear in everyone. 

First thought in everyone’s mind at the time was, “Who’s not here today?”

You see, at the time, the paper leased  a suite and at any one time, multiple employees had keys to access the office. 

So whenever the locksmith arrived, it meant only one thing: someone left the paper and usually not in an amicable fashion.

Inevitably the alarm code would have to be reset as well.

Then some head honcho would arrive and assemble everyone for a last-minute meeting.

Seniority these days means nothing. It probably means you make more money, aren’t afraid to speak up, so management have you in their sights.

It’s can also  be a curse because those who have it foolishly think they are bullet-proof and speak up.

I foolishly said,”…. isn’t here yet. Aren’t we weren’t going to wait for him(the editor)?”

Well, it turned out that the editor was the one who was let go.

Canon Professional Services

CPS (Canon Professional Services) which I  belong to recently changed their criteria for membership.

It’s the camera manufacturer’s division which provides support in repairs for working pros by quicker turnarounds for repairs and loaners while their gear was in the shop.

Previously they required proof that you actually make a living from photography using their equipment by furnishing tearsheets or some sort of documentation.

Their latest move, no doubt aimed at selling their “brand” more means anyone who has the deep pockets who can afford their equipment can now be a member. Continue reading Canon Professional Services

Bamboo Utensils: A Still Life

bamboo_stilllifeStill Life is the title of my next class assignment.

I always feel it’s easier to demonstrate what I’d like them to try rather than just go online, find any old picture that’s a still life and say, “Here’s this is what I want you to do.”

I rummaged through the closets in my garage and found these wooden utensils.

Then I went next door to my neighbor’s and asked for a couple banana leaves.

This setup was outdoors believe it or not. There wasn’t enough room in the classroom.

As luck would have it, a light shower interrupted my plans, so I had enough time to just set the items down and throw a light on it.

Continue reading Bamboo Utensils: A Still Life