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Photographing candid moments

I love photographing people more than anything else.

I love to observe people, sometimes from a distance with a long lens.

Other times, up close with a short lens.

The challenge to me is to see if I can capture a moment when they’ve either forgotten I’m around with my camera or they just don’t mind my presence.

Volleyball jubilation–In sports photography, having long lenses which are fast are a necessity even when film is pushed to ISO 1600 and upwards. The Wadsworth High (Ohio) volleyball team celebrate after wining their championship game.

Either way, my years of being on the streets shooting for the newspaper has taught me it’s not worth trying to sneak a picture of someone.

If someone shows a displeasure of being photographed, I always talk to them to assure them that I’m taking their picture because it’s a fun positive moment and I’m not out to embarrass them.

I’ve never been foolhardy to insist.

That explains why I still have all my front teeth and have never been arrested.

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