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Lighting can set free your vision

Mary in flight–For the finale of my Small Flash Lighting workshop, Ed Lano had asked me about special effect flash photography, so why not attempt it instead of just talk about it. We didn’t have our tripods with us but we faked it okay.

Pictures may exist all around us, ready to be captured by our cameras or they could be a figment of our imagination.

As photographers we all start with that first kind–the ones we can see in the natural world.

Once we have mastery of our camera, it’s time to explore lighting.

When we use our own lighting, it’s not that we ever leave behind the world of available light photography.

We are just giving ourselves even more control and actually more options.

Besides, it’s not uncommon for photographers to be bored with what’s there in terms of lighting.

Knowing how to light allows photographers a way to bring out that image that is “dreamed up” in their heads.

At the end of my just concluded small flash lighting workshop I gave my students a taste of what this might feel like.
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Using On-camera Flash


Fill-flash to the rescue–Taken in San Bernardino during a citywide tribute for  Winter Olympian Derek Parra, this picture would have been a disaster given the high noon lighting, baseball cap on my subject’s face. My flash was not on-camera. I held my flash on its extension sync cord with my left hand and aimed downwards. Had it been on-camera, the foreground subjects would have been over-exposed. Compare this against the vertical picture after the jump.

In my earlier post “More Beginning Photographer Mistakes” I mentioned how not having an understanding of flash can be a source of problems. (See #15 in that post)

Camera manufacturers for prosumer models often include a built-in flash for convenience.

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