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Using Canon’s E-TTL part3

Finally, I get to the part where I tell you what you get when you cough up the extra bucks for the Canon Speedlite or Nikon Speedlight.

Max, my talent was rendered perfectly by E-TTL set to 1:1. Speedlite A on the left was set about 11 o'clock. Speedlite B was at 3 o'clock

Under normal situations your DSLR will only be able to synchronize with a generic flash at a maximum 1/200 sec.

In some cases, you might get away with 1/400 sec but that would mean unpredictable results.

If this concept is new to you, read my earlier post about “Getting Started with off-camera-flash.”

After my 1st attempt with Max where I set his bed on the ground, I quickly realized my camera position was too high.

Sort of like when you photograph young children. Seeing them on their level sometimes makes the images more engaging.

Since I didn’t want to be crawling on my belly on the very soggy ground thanks to our recent rains, I chose my tent trailer as my “stage”. Continue reading Using Canon’s E-TTL part3