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New Canon 5D Mark II vs Nikon D90

Looks like the stage is set for these two digital SLRs to duke it out.

I’ve read that some Canon shooters have switched to Nikon because they like the D3 so much. 

This competition is great for the end users. It ensures we get the best camera for our money, keeping both Nikon and Canon on their toes.

Both cameras have video capture capability. The Canon has much, much more megapixels. 

Already I can hear my MacPro crying for more RAM and hard drive space as I read the specs on these two cameras.

Looks like whoever buys the new Canon 5D Mark II will be shopping for 16GB memory cards as well since the RAW files have been rumored to be in the neighborhood of  21 Megapixels.

And I was about to put the Canon G9 on my wish list, then I read about what else? The new Canon G10. 

The G10 will have 14 Megapixels compared to the G9’s 12 Megapixels. I have the G3. It still works great. 

Like everyone else, I’ll have to sift through all the marketing and techno-jargon to see what is real and what isn’t.

The best advice I can give folks who are shopping for digital cameras is to

  1. bring your own SD or compact flash cards to the store and 
  2. ask to fire off a few frames in the cameras with the same settings.That really is the only way you decide. 
  3. When you get home and open the images in photoshop, compare the noise levels especially in the blue channel, the color rendition and compare the images at different ISOs.