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Sharing your pictures


Send those pictures to your friends–Mrs.Mary Kimbirk, my son’s teacher who had triple bypass passed away recently. I had intended to make this picture into a Get Well card for her. Canon Powershot G3 was used for this picture taken in 2008 at California Adventure, Disneyland.

If you’re reading this, chances are, you take a whole lot of pictures also.

I’ve often been neglectful of giving away some of my subjects pictures especially when it’s a social event when I’m not getting paid.

Recently one of my son’s teacher had a triple bypass. I had in mind just the picture I would use as a Get Well card. I didn’t have her home address and I kept putting off getting it.

Well, a few days ago, I found out she passed away. Now I feel awful.

When you’re done reading this, set up a folder and leave it on your desktop, label it something like “Pics to be Sent.” Then browse your library of pictures and start copying those pictures to that folder.

In the digital world there are a lot of ways to share your pictures.
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