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Review: Orlit Rovelight RT610 with transmitter TR611C

Buying experience

Anastasiya Mitr in a lovely dress designed by Marie Bonner from an October 2017 photo shoot.

Now that I’ve actually put the Orlit Rovelight RT610 and its companion transmitter TR611 on at least 2 on-location shoots, I feel I can objectively say what I like and dislike about it.

I originally purchased it through Amazon but due to poor quality control, blame either Adorama or the manufacturer, I received a unit that was DOA (dead on arrival). Continue reading Review: Orlit Rovelight RT610 with transmitter TR611C

Review on e-book “How to shoot a reportage” by Enzo Dal Verme

Reportage is the use of photography as a medium for telling stories visually whether that be sports, breaking news or just lifestyle stories.

Reportage is the preferred term in Europe while here in the US, it’s photojournalism.

I recently got a complimentary ebook from Italian photographer Enzo Dal Verme entitled “How to Shoot a Reportage–brutally practical tips and tricks

This 68-page ebook is chock full of valuable information.
Continue reading Review on e-book “How to shoot a reportage” by Enzo Dal Verme

Canon G11-White Balance

Before you can get predictable results from your camera, you have to figure out its limitations.

So I brought my new Canon Powershot G11 to an indoor gym where I play badminton on Sunday mornings.

The exposure meter in most cameras today are extremely reliable.

Besides, with the instant LCD monitor feedback and number of exposures limited only by the number of memory cards you have, how can you not get a good picture?

In this indoor situation, my hunch was the camera would be severely tested under the sodium vapor lighting. I was correct.

Does that mean I should return the G11 for a refund? Continue reading Canon G11-White Balance