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Portraits with a wide angle lens 1

Artist Sharon Suhovy painting on location–The time of the day, 6:37 pm, made very directional light possible. I made sure Sharon’s face was lit by the setting sun bouncing off Lake Evans. This helps draw even more attention to her since her face is now the lightest part of the picture.


The Rule of Thirds is often cited in composition.

In fact I hear it discussed ad nauseam in painting, drawing and photography.

I mention it once to my students and I quickly move on.

It’s the rebel in me, the part that questions authority.

I just don’t like that word “Rule” when it comes to art, that’s why.

If it works, that’s all that matters.

Those Art History classes in college left me scarred.

Those classes where the professor would analyze and explain away the great masterpieces and why he thought the artist did what they did. Great bedtime stories by the way.
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