Wedding at Mission Inn

Everyone in Riverside probably knows of this fountain inside the Mission Inn.

It’s in the courtyard which leads into the chapel where lots of weddings take place.

As a favor to a good friend, I grabbed my gear and “played” photographer last night.

I had to be reminded about something I knew but had forgotten.

Just because you can see, it doesn’t mean the light levels are enough for your camera’s auto focus to work reliably.

The Mission Inn which is synonymous with weddings in Riverside, is a truly a gem, but the lighting inside the chapel while pretty, is a challenge for photography.

I’ve tried different ways to shoot in there. In the end, it looks like for a solo photographer, on-camera flash is the only  way.

The very lovely lucky couple Tamie and Pedro Paredes were married at 8 pm last night. It was a lovely ceremony.

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Congratulations Tamie and Pedro. I had a blast being a part of your special day. See more of your Mission Inn wedding.

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6 thoughts on “Wedding at Mission Inn”

  1. Hello Serena,
    Thanks for your kindness. With weddings, the venue is often a key part of the pictures.

    That’s why brides pay a premium for the “ambience” of a beautiful location.

    Sometimes the more fun and lively weddings are the ones in backyards.

    Having done wedding at various places like the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel and expensive locations like yachts, I am often pleasantly surprised by clients and their guests.

    In general, the more fun weddings depend a lot of the people and really not so much the location.

  2. Peter, you never cease to amaze! You are such an amazing photographer! You captured such beautiful moments that I’m sure this bride and groom will cherish for generations to come!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Jason. The Mission Inn is pretty and beautiful and a great setting for a wedding but the available darkness is my biggest complaint. Very nice and well-edited wedding video btw. I’ll keep your info handy for when someone needs video. Regards.

  4. Love your photos from The Mission Inn. Check out my video from a recent wedding there. Hopefully we can work together there in the future.

  5. Pedro and Tamie,
    Your wedding was very special and I’m privileged to have been part of it. I’m so pleased your friends and family were able to see the pictures and share your very exciting day through my website.

    Congratulations and I wish you both the very best of luck and many happy years together!

  6. Peter did an amazing job, taking pictures that were spontaneous, right on the special moments and the perfect time. Being such as dark place at Mission Inn at night, the pictures came out beatiful, and this website has helped me and my wife to show our wedding pictures worldwide, from Peru to Japan….

    Thanks Peter for such an amazing job !!

    Pedro P

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