Doing my bit to stimulate the economy

The Phuns did their part to stimulate the economy.

My favorite Fedex courier pulled up this morning to deliver our our 24″ iMac.

And it is was about time too.

I was getting a little tired of being asked, “Where is the computer, Dad?”

We were at the Apple Store on Labor Day. My wife plunked down the plastic  to take advantage of the “buy a new Mac, get an iPod Touch free. deal.”

My son wanted the high-end iMac with the better video card and they didn’t have it in stock.

So it had to be shipped. The iPod Touch which was part of the deal arrived yesterday  coming all the way from Shanghai, China.

My guess is because we asked for engraving, the cost of labor made it cheaper  to have someone in China do it and ship it here. Who knows?

The 24″ iMac is beautiful. It completely fills the void in the armoire.

My first order of business is to load Photoshop CS3 and see if it plays nice with Snow Leopard OS 10.6.

I was about to test it on my MacBook Pro. There’s no hurry to upgrade to 10.6 or Photoshop CS4.

Since Photoshop CS4 for Macs isn’t a 64-bit application yet, I decided to skip this upgrade.

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5 thoughts on “Doing my bit to stimulate the economy”

  1. Shane,
    Yes, the poor Fedex guy must have thought I was some sort of nutcase, especially when he saw me with the camera.

    I think I would enjoy a job as a Fedex driver. Most of the time, people are pleased to see you because you bring stuff they’re anxiously waiting for.

    An iMac would be a good choice for any home user, Shane not just pro photographers. You should seriously consider it especially if you don’t have a fortune tied up in software in Windows.

    It takes up so little room. No tower. Only 3 cables/cords to attach.

    The computer was up and running in under 8 minutes and that included adding separate accounts for each family member with me being the administrator

    • power cord
    • ethernet or RJ45 if you prefer hard wire to your cable modem or router
    • usb to keyboard and mouse. Bluetooth mouse and keyboard are optional
  2. Looking at the picture of a FedEx truck in your driveway cracked me up! I would say the Phuns are very excited!

    I am thinking of purchasing a Mac after the 1st of the year. Seems that most professional photographers use them for their business.

  3. Jude! How nice to hear from you!

    Now my kids won’t have to keep bothering me about using my MacBook Pro to play their games.

    There is a downside to this, their gaming sucks up the bandwidth of my internet connection especially when I want to watch a streaming movie on Netflix.

    I did measure the height of the cubbies inside my armoire to make sure everything would fit. There is an inch clearance from the cubbies.

    Hope you are loving your iMac and enjoying your switch from Windows to Mac! Thank you for stopping by.

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