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Photographing a belly dancer Part 2

In my previous post “Photographing a belly dancer,” I mentioned how you have to make do when you don’t have control over the lighting and access to the performing/dance area.

I started wondering how much better my images could look, if I had more control, the control freak that I am.

So I got together with Hadia Habibi.

I had her undivided attention this time.

So, in the spirit of experimentation, sharing and fun, here’s our collaborative effort.

Warming up—We worked on some poses using strong side-lighting to accentuate Hadia’s svelte physique and her musculature.

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Photographing a belly dancer

low_light_table1I need to get out more.

I don’t make it a point enough to head downtown for Riverside’s Art Walk, the 1st Thursday of every month.

I tend to pop in only when my students have their work displayed at Back to the Grind.

Thursday evening I got to meet the family of some my students and I was also treated to some very exquisite Belly Dancing by Hadia Habibi.

In my previous life I photographed all sorts of events, indoors, outdoors, some staged others totally impromptu.

On a good day, my photo assignment would give me a good idea or a “mental picture” of what to expect.

Lighting on-the-fly–With little preparation, all I could do was put my Canon 580EX with radio receiver, set it to 1/32th power, keep my fingers crossed that Hadia would be dancing in the general area.

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