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More Tips: Mastering Any Digital SLR

You’ve heard the cliché: if the clock on your VCR still blinks, then you must be ill-equipped to deal with anything digital.

I don’t think that’s true. Especially when it comes to digital photography and digital cameras.

Actually, if you still own a VCR, I say, lose it. Well, maybe not yet. First, you’ll need to convert all your analog videos to DVDs or digitize and store them on hard drives.

If you don’t own any analog video tapes of any kind, then you should be using TiVo. Continue reading More Tips: Mastering Any Digital SLR

Tips to learn how to use any digital camera

Face it, those Canon radio commercials touting how easy it is to get shots like the professionals, are effective. You’ve gone out and bought a digital single lens reflex camera. Prices are crazy low.

You can get a very nice Canon 40D, although that’s just for the body by itself, for under a grand.

Now that it’s unwrapped and in your hands, batteries charged and memory card inserted, start reading the owner’s manual from front to back. But really who wants to do that?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thick manual. Here’s what you should learn step-by-step to just “operate the camera.”

I say “operate” because these steps will give you a jumpstart if you have experience with film and are making the transition to digital. Continue reading Tips to learn how to use any digital camera