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My Blurry Basketball Pictures


When the light levels are so horrendous that photographers describe those arenas as “dark as dungeons,” you may not have a choice but to “pan” with the action. ISO 1600 1/60 sec @ f5.6 80-200 zoom at 200 mm.

A few posts back, I mentioned blurry basketball pictures. As I think about it now, sometimes even with the most expensive equipment, all you can do is get by.

I dug through my personal pictures recently and I found some of my own. So Jane, you are not alone. Even professional photographers take bad pictures. They just don’t show anyone. Well, I’ve been showing them to my students. Continue reading My Blurry Basketball Pictures

Freelancing for Newspapers–How to get started Part 1

So you’ve honed your skills to the point where you are confident you can get a good picture in any situation.

Have you thought about freelancing for a newspaper?

Photojournalism is one of the most challenging, exciting types of photography.

As a result, it is also the most competitive fields to break in to. Continue reading Freelancing for Newspapers–How to get started Part 1

War Photographer–Documentary about James Nachtwey

I was bored with watching the usual movies.

So I browsed Netflix’s documentary DVD section and came up with a gem.

Any photography buff with an interest in documentary work will recognize this name: James Nachtwey.

If you had any interest at all in photojournalism or reportage as they call it in Europe, his work is compared to those of Cornel Capa and other “war photographers.” Continue reading War Photographer–Documentary about James Nachtwey

Photojournalist in areas of conflict–featured in reality tv show

Not one to watch too much tv, I recently came across this “Reality tv” show called “In Harm’s Way.” I’m not sure what the premise of the show is but this segment caught my attention.

I wondered to myself how could you concentrate on your task at hand–photography when you have a camera crew following you?

I’ve never heard of Zoriah but then again who’s ever heard of me, either? I just think to effectively do your work, you can’t have a camera crew around you.

The moment you become the story especially when you’re supposed to be “working,” then it’s kind of an act, isn’t it?

One of the comments written about the video that I found hysterical was something to the effect, “this was like one of the game shows where the contestants were vying for new SUV.”

No, I don’t think the action is staged, but I do think it’s calculated and that the danger is not as real as we’re led to believe.

Oh…those ads they have in between the video, were so excruciating, I never finished watching the whole video.