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Congratulations UCR graduates Class of 2011

Enthusiasm from friends and family members are always great to capture at such happy events like a graduation.

At any commencement or graduation ceremony these days, what do you think outnumbers the number of people in attendance?


Just about everyone present has a cellphone and we all know every phone has a built-in camera.

Digital cameras have made self-portraits so much easier and more fun.

During Sunday’s commencement ceremony for the College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences at UC Riverside, it was great to see so many folks capturing this important milestone for themselves.


I saw the entire gamut: Canon 5D Mark2s, Nikon DSLRs, iPhones, Blackberries, iPads, and even disposable film cameras.

Some of the audience actually had better equipment than me.

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Little Devotee images on display

I stopped by to see how my pictures look. Tell me that the Photo Gods didn't smile upon me, giving me light where I want it for this self-portrait?

If you’re in the Riverside area Thursday May 26, come by Back to the Grind coffee house tomorrow evening between 6p and 10p for the grand opening of the Saturation festival.

I have 12 BW images on display.

These are some of my favorite black and white images from Kodak Tri-X film.

At that time, fastest film was ISO 400. It was pushed to 1600 and developed in some cocktail of of sodium sulphite developer and a 2nd chemical whose name eludes me now. Continue reading Little Devotee images on display

Tips to Keep Your Photography Fresh

The best of us struggle with fresh ideas when it comes to photography.

What separates the good photographers from the mediocre ones are ideas.

Most common excuses or reasons not to go out and get motivated and use that camera is this:
Oh… That’s been done countless time. I’m better than that.

It’s Newton’s1st Law of Motion which relates to inertia. A body stays at rest or continues in motion in the same direction until another force acts on it.

Inertia is something every photographer needs to overcome. Whether it’s shooting something time and again the same way, the safe way.

Or making excuses not to go use that camera.

We’re creature of habits and often we get set in our ways and don’t try other approaches.
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