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Still life with 3 wine glasses

3 wine glasses in a row against a colored backdrop in a darkened room with one light can produce a interesting still life. I needed a quick idea for a quick demonstration for my students so I did an online search.

Table top photography is a tough genre.

I had one semester of  this in college.

That class taught me a lot.

Besides learning to use a 4 x 5 view camera, I learned before I pressed the shutter release, everything on the inverted image on the ground glass had to be close to perfect.

The exposure, focus, composition, lighting, camera angle, choice of props, and background all have to be right.

Unless I had several film holders, I only had 2 sheets of film I could expose at a time.

I decided to revisit this recently but not on the same scale, using my Canon Powershot G11 instead. Continue reading Still life with 3 wine glasses

Photographing Lunch


A couple of posts back I mentioned a still life assignment I gave my beginning photography students.

Some might say this is way too tough one for folks who are starting out.

That’s true, but I think in attempting this, they will learn quite a bit.

Personally, I’m learning not to do any type of photography with food on an empty stomach. Sort of like, “Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach?” Continue reading Photographing Lunch