The Night Scenic with Car Interior


Night Scenic Part 2

Now that I found my Manfrotto clamp, I have a decent shot at making this work.

The problem with my 1st attempt was the rickety tripod bouncing around inside my van during the long exposure of 6 full seconds at f16 ISO 400.

I haven’t given up trying to secure my camera about driver’s eye level.

I want to be able to include the rear view mirror.

The way the camera is set in the picture, I have to really turn my head to change the settings.

I used the blue tape on the lens to lock my focus and zoom. Of course exposure was set manually.

There is a downside to mounting the camera upside down. When I needed to change the settings on the camera, I had to strain my neck to see the LCD panel.

Here’s the test shot. When I get a chance, I’ll take more drives at different speeds.


During the 6-second exposure at f16, I fired my Canon 430EX flash remotely with radio slaves to light the interior a little.

4 thoughts on “The Night Scenic with Car Interior”

  1. I’ll give this another go when it warms up a little. Sadly, I’ve turned into a wimpy Southern Californian. BTW, camera was clamped on door not the body of van.

  2. I was trying to imagine getting in your car with Canon there and not banging my noggin. And camera strap was another distraction. Photos looked good though, and chimping is only good for editing.

  3. And you’ll be the one to call them on me. With a large enough memory card, who needs to chimp?

    Besides, for this test shot, I went around the block. 6 seconds may be too long because I see a lot of camera shake.

    I always know I can count on you to keep me honest DeeAnn. Thanks.

  4. Good thing cops aren’t pulling over driver’s for chatting on mobile phone or Peter looking at settings while driving.

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