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Is this mainstream news medium losing too many good people?

I couldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. The Los Angeles Times actually ran a photograph on its A-1 cover from a dubious source.

And I thought only Malaysian newspapers were capable of such questionable standards in judgement.. So it appears newspapers in this country are not incapable of horrible news judgement either.

I’m sure I’m wasn’t the only person who noticed the use of a picture of a missile test launch which was attributed to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

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Tips for taking better pictures of your kids

Julie and Gabriel,lollipop in hand, explore the sea wall in northern California

Julie and Gabriel, lollipop in hand, explore the sea wall in Klamath, California. If you’re always photographing your kids, they get used to it and before long, they ignore you.

When you’re a professional photographer, sometimes it’s hard to make yourself pick up a camera when you’re off the clock. Unless of course, you have great looking kids.

You’re probably asking, now which parent doesn’t think their kids are great looking, right?

I take tons of pictures of my kids. My wife’s biggest complaint is that she never sees these pictures.

Previously when I shot film, there would be prints but they’re sitting in a shoe box in some closet. Don’t even ask where the negatives are.

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A Lady Falconer

As a freelance photographer I tend to photograph people mostly. After 20 years I am fortunate to still come across interesting people like freelance writer/author Rebecca O’ Connor, a UCR alumni.

She hunts ducks at the Salton Sea with her dog Booth an American Brittany Spaniel.

But she doesn’t use a firearm, only her 5-year-old peregrine falcon, Anakin.

Author of at least 9 books, Rebecca is a parrot consultant.

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Simple Portraiture

It’s the 3rd meeting for my digital photography class at UC Riverside’s California Museum of Photography.

As with our previous meeting, we jumped right in with our cameras.

We met Brittani our gorgeous, drop-dead model outside, walked around the pedestrian mall.

Our first stop was a small sliver of light between two buildings reflecting off the windows of the building around the mall area.

Currently the mall area between City Hall and University Ave is a total disaster.

The concrete has been torn up for many months.

Photo of Peter, students and Brittani by Susan Mikhail.

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