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Better Portraits Part 2

In this 2nd installment about portraiture, let’s discuss equipment.
If you haven’t figured that out by now, photography like other creative endeavors has a technical side as well as a creative side.

Before you can get predictable results with your camera, you need to master or at least understand your equipments’ limitations. Without this mastery, your vision will not materialize as a successful still picture. Continue reading Better Portraits Part 2

Better Portraits Part 1


Rapport is key–All the gear and the most gorgeous model will not produce good portraits if you don’t strike it off and establish a good rapport with your model.

Everyone knows that in every picture there is always a center of interest. It may not be in the center per se but it should be obvious what the subject of any photograph is.

Chances are that subject is usually sharp and in focus. If it isn’t, it might be framed in such a way that the viewer’s eye will naturally gravitate to it.

Generally speaking, following some of these simple advice, even if you are using a point-and-shoot camera, will make your pictures better. Continue reading Better Portraits Part 1