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Reducing post production in digital photography

Do you enjoy sitting at the computer on a beautiful sunny day trying to rescue a bad picture, or do you prefer to be outside taking pictures?

Chances are, you’re like me and you prefer the latter. You didn’t get into photography to be in front of a computer on a beautiful day. So instead of spending a lot of time messing around in photoshop, why not shoot your pictures right to begin with?

Following these 4 simple tips can go a long way in reducing your post production work at the computer. Continue reading Reducing post production in digital photography

iPhoto 08–new features

If you haven’t upgraded to iPhoto 08, you shouldn’t hesitate.

I have to be honest that I haven’t been using previous versions. One of my biggest complaints had been that adding keywords to ease searching was unintuitive.

I guess Apple has been listening to its users. 

iPhoto users who have a dotmac account can now easily publish a web gallery without knowing a single line of code. Continue reading iPhoto 08–new features