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From auto-focus to no-need-to-focus

Every so often a change occurs in an industry where folks describe it as a game-changer.

When I came across this latest camera made by Lytro, I viewed it as with most journalist, with some level of skepticism.

After looking over their website and pictures, I’m not entirely sure what to make of it.

The thought appeals to me that I don’t have to decide what I want sharp and in focus when I press the shutter.

If there was a downside to photography moving from film to digital, it was this: still camera owners no longer had to be choosy and picky before clicking the shutter.

That means if those same camera owners also hear ‘pros’ say shoot only RAW and not jpegs, their hard drives would fill very quickly with out-of-focus bad pictures, almost like someone shooting video the whole time.

Why sweat it when memory cards allow you to shoot thousands of images? Right?

So now we have yet another technological advancement which allows still camera owners to grab even more pictures without any planning or  decision-making. Continue reading From auto-focus to no-need-to-focus

A new Canon Speedlite the 600EX-RT

The just announced 600EX-RT is a welcome addition for Canon users. Coupled with a new transmitter the ST-E3 RT, this may give users fewer reasons to buy 3rd party radio slave units like Radio Poppers.

It’s nice to see that Canon users are finally going to have a new Speedlite.

The Canon 580EXII and their STE-2 proprietary infra-red trigger have long been overdue for a upgrade.

Canon’s announcement of their new Speedllite 600EX-RT was also accompanied with an announcement of a new 5DMarkIII body and a radio trigger the ST-E3.

Naturally the new trigger is not compatible with your infrared triggered Speedlite.
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Time shift your tv watching with Apple TV

Apple TV is smaller but can open give you some flexibility in your tv viewing especially if you wan to 'time-shift' your viewing habits.Apple TV can connect to your home router via WiFi as well. Since I had hardwired an ethernet cable from the router, I use that instead of WiFi.

Santa brought me an Apple TV this Christmas.

Until recently I didn’t even know what that device is.

It’s the cheapest Apple brand device I own, not counting their keyboard and mouse. 😉

So why did I get one?
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