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Photogear I shouldn’t have bought

Every so often when I clean out my closet, I’ll come across an item which is still in pristine condition just the way it was after I broke the clear shrink-wrap.

It starts me wondering, “What the heck was I thinking?”

You are bound to disagree with me, but before you post your comments, which I encourage you to, remember this:

The tools any artist finds indispensable is dependent on usage. And usage is dictated most by the types of subjects we point our lenses at. So with that in mind…

400mm telephoto f4.5

When I was in college in Ohio, I owned a 400 mm f4.5 telephoto lens. MInd you, this was in the old days of film and manual focus. In the Midwest where I went to school, that lens was only used in the best of lighting conditions. The aperture of f4.5 was way too slow for anything but outdoor sports which happen in good light. Those of you reading this have to realize even in today’s high ISO capability DSLRs, trying to get a shutter speed of 1/1000 sec is asking a lot.

Flash diffusers

Over the years I’ve bought some doozies. I once bought a diffuser which you inflate by blowing up like a beach ball.

I even had one that was a miniature umbrella that attached to the flash.

Diffusers for flash units or Speedlights/Speedlites are often not the problem. It’s the placement of the flash, being on camera.

Now I’m wondering as I write this if I’ll ever be seen with Gary Fong’s Lightsphere. Continue reading Photogear I shouldn’t have bought

Top 10 Mistakes of Beginning Photographers


You probably have some very very nice pictures that you took.

Someone paid you a compliment that you have a Great Eye.

Maybe they meant it literally.

This photography stuff isn’t that hard.

You’re thinking if you cough up about $1,000, you can do this.

And that isn’t an unreasonable assumption.

The instant feedback with digital photography gives this impression that it is easy.

There may be more to it than just having a good eye.

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