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Don’t be afraid to turn off room lights

Thanks Monika Seitz Vega for being a great sport. ISO 100 1/10 sec @ f2.8 Canon 580EX Speedlight (right) on 1/64th power triggered by Canon STE-2

In most interiors, indoor lighting is chosen for maximum illumination and highest energy efficiency.

Based on this, you can safely assume, the light is usually coming straight down from the ceiling and chances are, they are fluorescent light fixtures.

Whenever I have to photograph someone in such surroundings, I always ask “What would the room look like without the overhead lights especially if there is a large window?”

Experienced photographers understand and appreciate quality of light over quantity of light.

They also know their equipment and their own limitations.

They know the shutter speed they can successfully handhold for any lens in their arsenal.
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Tips on event photography Part 1

Scene setter–During a Prisoner of War medal presentation ceremony at Riverside’s Mission Inn, this veteran decked out in full military regalia waiting for the ceremony to begin, gave me a good opportunity to set the scene.

Event photography is as straightforward as it sounds.

What your client wants is often straight documentation of the event.

Most events have some components which are predictable so expect you’ll need:

  • the customary keynote speaker at the podium
  • the reaction of the audience (hopefully the speaker is engaging).
  • some award presentations
  • some group pictures

Most of the time, your client will make sure you’re in position and ready.

More than likely too, if it’s a big deal, they will have a schedule that is printed and handed to all guests so they know what to expect.

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The once-sought after newspaper photographer position Part 3

How do I start off this 3rd segment Assignments: ones I enjoyed?

Did I mention I met my wife on an assignment?

I photographed her for a story, one thing led to another… and this photographer rode off into the sunset with the girl.


While at the newspaper, I was often asked, “How do you get a job like yours? You get to shoot football, baseball etc?”

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The once sought-after newspaper staff photographer position Part 2

How many times have you picked up a newspaper and started reading a story just because the picture on the cover caught your attention?

That pretty much sums up the newspaper photographer’s goal at any assignment that he/she draws.

The Assignment

Come back with a picture/pictures that will sum up the story and draw the reader’s attention to it.

Assignments are what you make of it—On a story about road safety near an elementary school where large construction vehicles would speed by, I mounted my camera on a monopod, hoisted it over my head and tripped the shutter with a long extension cord. Getting in position early in the morning gave me a long shadow of the passing truck. I was lucky the crossing guard was far away enough from the truck to be lit by the sunlight, making her standout.

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