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Is this mainstream news medium losing too many good people?

I couldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. The Los Angeles Times actually ran a photograph on its A-1 cover from a dubious source.

And I thought only Malaysian newspapers were capable of such questionable standards in judgement.. So it appears newspapers in this country are not incapable of horrible news judgement either.

I’m sure I’m wasn’t the only person who noticed the use of a picture of a missile test launch which was attributed to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

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Your Privacy Online & Reverse Lookup

If you don’t think privacy as we know it is dead, guess again. When I worked at the newspaper, the editorial department’s library had a few volumes of a strange directory called the criss cross.

These directories were bound volumes of a huge database of addresses and phone numbers. They were arranged by addresses, residential and business alphabetically.
I remember thinking these books are kind of neat.

Most folks never knew about them. Mostly cops, investigators and people who made their living being be nosey knew of their existence. In fact, those “Reverse Look Up” directories were their bibles.

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Journalism Malaysian style

I just read that the Malaysian Press “boycotted” most of the proceedings at the House of Parliament recently.

It’s really laughable because had it truly been a boycott why did the Star publish a picture taken by Bernama of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak?

Hello… look up the word boycott, Star editors.

Before the general elections the online newspaper The Star published a story which had no byline. Not a first time. In place of a byline, they attributed it to Bernama–the official news agency for the ruling government.

So when I read this story which paints former deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim as a “no-hope” candidate especially during their election season, I was struck, not by how one-sided the mainstream media is, but also how worthless their work is.

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