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Life after photojournalism & a yacht wedding

gary_vianey1Tomorrow will be 5 years to the day I gave my 2-week notice to my former employer, the newspaper.

Last November they offered a buyout to all its employees.

Some took the offer, others thought they’re bullet-proof, indispensable and safe.

I figured out had I stayed on I would have been eligible to $50K minus Uncle Sam’s cut.

I kicked myself, of course, for not staying on.

Actually it wasn’t that hard a kick I gave myself.

In the time I left, I easily made that much.

The silver lining in this is: I learned never to be complacent again especially not in today’s job market.

Vianey and Gary dance during their reception on board the Dandeanna.

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Location Lighting Part 2


The picture above was taken at CALTrans’s traffic monitoring center (California Transportation).Using at 28mm lens, I metered the scene, decided on ISO 400, 1/8 sec @ f11. The flash that’s hidden between the monitor was set to give me f11. It was triggered by wireless Quantum radio slave.

The Ol’ Control Room/Nerve Center

The picture above of a control room is fairly common these days. Gone are the old chalkboards and other “analog” displays, this picture could be the setting for a casino’s security center, or any hub for communication.

In this situation,  camera shake will be a factor because you will have to use a slow shutter speed to allow the lighting in the room to “burn in” or record on your camera’s sensors. Continue reading Location Lighting Part 2

Location lighting Part 1


Taxidermist Tim Bovard and  a Sumatran Tiger was lit by one Lumedyne 200 watt/sec flash. The flash triggered by a Quantum radio slave placed on the display case between the Tim and the tiger. The house lights were turned off to remove the clutter in the background. Whatever is not lit, can’t be seen, so there’s no need to remove them from the background. Exposure info: ISO 200 1/200 sec @ f11 using a 28mm lens.

Taxidermist & Sumatran Tiger

There are many schools of thought when it comes to lighting.

If I have a lot of time with my subject, I will take the trouble to actually create the “feel” or ambience by lighting everything.

Just be aware that lighting everything means you have to bring everything and possibly the kitchen sink. Continue reading Location lighting Part 1

A Lady Falconer

As a freelance photographer I tend to photograph people mostly. After 20 years I am fortunate to still come across interesting people like freelance writer/author Rebecca O’ Connor, a UCR alumni.

She hunts ducks at the Salton Sea with her dog Booth an American Brittany Spaniel.

But she doesn’t use a firearm, only her 5-year-old peregrine falcon, Anakin.

Author of at least 9 books, Rebecca is a parrot consultant.

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