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If I were a pig, I’d be very bummed.

Lately I’ve been given a bad rep.

For one thing, folks think nothing about yelling “Swine” and using it as a curse word.

Didn’t anyone like the movie “Babe?”

I found this picture in my archives recently as I was looking for inspiration.

These newborns were under a heat lamp, enjoying the warmth of each other and the soft straw.

I don’t need to mimic the very nasal grunts I heard, do I?

As much as I like my picture, I have to share this other one with you all. Continue reading Swine

Access–your ticket to better pictures


Graduations which are happy affairs can also pose a challenge if you’re there to photograph your loved ones. The bigger the commencement, the more hassle you’ll encounter. On assignment for the University of Redlands, I had unlimited access but I never overstepped my boundaries by parking in one spot and blocking the view of others.

If you photograph anything that has to do with people, you will inevitable come across this word: access.

It’s the difference between getting close enough to give yourself a chance to get a decent picture and being so far away that you can’t even see the intended subject of your picture.

It’s also the difference between being given permission to bring a camera on the grounds or keeping it in your trunk.

Since not everyone has deep pockets and can afford a super telephoto, what is an amateur to do?

Having being on the “inside” in my previous life as a newspaper photographer, I found myself on the “outside” not too long ago. Continue reading Access–your ticket to better pictures

Hiring a Wedding Photographer 2

In this 2nd part of my post about hiring a wedding photographer, I’m heading into what must surely be the most confusing array of choices.

The Packages

wedding_civilMy head spins when I think about how many photographers are willing to bend over backwards to seal the deal.

There’s so many customizable options here and I don’t just mean black and white or color pictures! Continue reading Hiring a Wedding Photographer 2

Hiring a Wedding Photographer 1


Guests at a Laotian wedding give the lucky couple a ribbing.

It being Spring and soon to be wedding season, I thought I could offer some suggestions to brides who are looking for the “dreaded wedding photographer.”

First, let me stress that I’m specifically referring to a still photographer and not a videographer. The videographer is a different animal altogether.

If when you’re interviewing someone and he says he can do it all, “Run!” Many vendors claim they can do both. It is probably true, but one person can’t do it simultaneously. I’m highly skeptical that the same person can put a video camera down and pick up a still camera without missing a beat.

Each is its own discipline. If your wedding is important, I would suggest you get separate vendors.

I shoot video too but given a choice, I will always choose stills. It’s my first love and it will probably be that way. Besides, what was it that Dirty Harry used to say? Continue reading Hiring a Wedding Photographer 1