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Easter Vacation Day 3

Twilight on Lake Cachuma–I asked the folks who rented the “Yurt” first before I took this. See the lodging in daylight.

As you can see my intentions of posting everyday has not been successful because my MacBook Pro is also being used as a DVD player.
Doing what I can…

Right here on Lake Cachuma I found some interesting looking lodging for visitors.

They had these 3 rustic huts called Yurts built right near the water.

I’m not sure how many bunk beds were in them but it looked like just the thing for folks who didn’t want to haul a trailer, pitch a tent but wanted to be close to nature.

Rental information is available on the website.

The shot at twilight gives you an idea of the ambiance renters experience when the sun goes down. Continue reading Easter Vacation Day 3

Summer Vacation Photos

When on vacation, it’s nice not to have to lug around a digital SLR everywhere. Point & shoot cameras have come a long way. This picture taken with the Canon Powershot G3 is more than adequate for documenting vacations and other familiy events. ISO 50 1/200 sec @ f7. Though they have limitations, if you understand their capabilities, you can still get some very nice pictures. I made this by laying on the ground so that my kids appear like they’re rock climbing.

If you’re reading this, you’re like me, you have gigabytes of personal pictures scattered over many volumes of hard drives.

Some of these pictures are so out-of-focus and so poorly exposed yet I can’t bring myself to erase them. Why is that?
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