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US Open Badminton Finals 2009

On this final night at the US Open, I spent more time watching than taking pictures.

The downside to being a photographer is, whenever I attend an event that I enjoy, I also want to take pictures to document it.

Badminton has been my favorite sport since I was 9 or 10, so I was torn between watching and making pictures.

That, and  I didn’t want my son to be sitting in the stands by himself all evening.

Fan Favorite–Indonesia’s Taufik Hidayat applauds his fans after beating Taiwan’s Hsueh Hsuan Yi for the Mens Singles title.

I know my son enjoyed the evening especially at the end when he got the autographs of  the  Mens Doubles champions Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach.
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Sports Photography–Badminton US Open 2009

ann_servingThis year’s US Open at the Orange County Badminton Club in Anaheim, California took place over the weekend.

For the uninitiated, badminton is very popular outside of the US.

The world’s fastest racquet sport (also spelled racket) is an Olympic medal sport.

Here in the US, badminton is regarded as a backyard summer activity and often the brunt of  jokes.
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Sports Photography Tips


In Sports photography, access is key.

Without access, you won’t succeed even if you have the most comprehensive array of lenses out there.

So if you have access, you’ve already improved your chances of success by at least 40%.

The other keys to success?

You  have to be able to anticipate and concentrate for long periods.

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