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Sumo wrestling at Lunar Festival 2012

The Sumo Wrestlers were a big hit as crowds to this year's Lunar Festival congregated around the intersection of Mission Inn Ave and Lemon St.

Last year I only got to spend two hours at Riverside’s Lunar Festival.

I missed a lot of acts and performances.

The one I wanted to see were the Sumo wrestlers.

This afternoon, try as I could, I couldn’t get through into the inner ring of people. Continue reading Sumo wrestling at Lunar Festival 2012

Riverside’s Family Village Festival 2011

The dramatic 10 am sunlight placed the stage into shade and that allowed me to isolate the wonderful face of a Japanese dancer against a backdrop of parasols.

Our sun which makes colors bright also creates situations that make it not less than ideal for photography.

Most events happen at midday when the sun is brightest.

Since pros work when the clients say so, they have to overcome these problems.

When shooting in bright sunlight, at midday, there can be such a thing as too much depth-of-field. Â Using a neutral density filter and panning may be the only way to 'clean up your backgrounds'. 1/20 sec f20 ISO 100 with a 80mm lens.
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Tiki Beach Festival 2011

Chest slapping, loud growls and very engaging drum rhythms transfixed the audience at this year's Tiki Beach festival.

Over the weekend, I visited the annual Tiki Beach Festival at Alfredo’s Beach Club in Long Beach.

Polynesian dance is known for its very expressive use of graceful hand movements.

It’s a very low-key festival, free to attend and at a pleasant location.

There wasn’t any huge crowds which is how I like it. Continue reading Tiki Beach Festival 2011

Riverside’s Lunar New Year festival 2011

Red being a color symbolizing prosperity, it is often the color that is used for lanterns and costumes. A Chinese dance troupe performed on the stage in front of the public library.
The Vietnamese also celebrate the Lunar New Year as do the Japanese and Chinese.

Last Saturday, January 29, Riverside hosted its first Lunar New Year festival.

The organizers of this one-day celebration hope to make this an an annual affair celebrating the diversity of the Asians and Asian Americans living in our city and the region.

In order that this becomes an annual event, I hope the vendors who participated found this worthwhile.

Community events such as this relies on financial support especially in its inaugural year.

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