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Riverside Festivals

I  had my heart set to have a great time at this year’s Dickens Festival.

But it was not meant to be.

This latest winter storm caught a lot of us in Southern California by surprise dumping hail in Riverside and its surrounding areas.

I had so looked forward to seeing Christopher “Rusty” Yates there again this year.

On the left is a picture of him using the extra hands from a member of his audience.

I took that last year with my 80-200mm zoom when he was on the stage.

He was such a riot to watch. And the crowd absolutely loved his act.

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Fall Festival at St. Francis School

I arrived late. As with previous years, I had not anticipated the parking situation so I missed the parade.

Whipped cream in face

Fifth grader Frankie Fleisher eyed his quarry with a mischievous grin that said “I’m going to let you let you have it”.

As he rubbed his palms together, he approached his helpless victim,  white paper plate with a wad of whipped cream in his right hand. “Splat!” Giggles, groans and laughter from the crowd followed.  Continue reading Fall Festival at St. Francis School

Festa Italiana–Riverside California

Downtown Riverside’s White Park looked immaculate last Sunday. Clean white tents pitched on well-manicured green grass made it so inviting.

By the time I could make out the lively tunes of the famous Italian American singers like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, I could also smell the Risotto, Lasagna, pizza and corn on the cob.

The entry fee of $7 per adult, was very reasonable. Parking was free since we parked on the street.

Banners and flags of green, red and white, the colors of the Italian flag, decorated the length of the walkway from the gate through the fountain and past the gazebo. Continue reading Festa Italiana–Riverside California